STFC Ernest Rutherford Fellowships 2017

Invitation for applications for the STFC Ernest Rutherford Fellowships 2017

Internal deadline:   18 August 2017  (Friday)

This year St Andrews can support 2 Ernest Rutherford Fellowship (ERF) applications, for which we have set an internal deadline of the 18 August to ensure that any candidates we cannot support have the opportunity to seek support elsewhere. We are aiming to make a decision before the 25 August.

If you are interested in applying for an Ernest Rutherford Fellowship through one of our quota places, or if you know someone external who might be interested, please send the following to Claudia Cyganowski (cc243), with cc to Ian Bonnell (iab1), at the earliest convenience and certainly by the 18 August 2017:

* draft ERF proposal (or similar recent proposal)
* CV and publication list
* name and contact details of 2 potential reviewers

The STFC Ernest Rutherford Fellowship

The Ernest Rutherford Fellowships will enable early career researchers with clear leadership potential to establish a strong, independent research programme. They will encourage talented researchers in UK universities to remain in the country and at the same time attract outstanding overseas researchers to the UK.
The aim is to support future scientific leaders to establish a strong, independent research programme.
Ernest Rutherford Fellowships are intended for early career researchers who do not have an academic position.
Applicants must have a PhD and a minimum of five years’ research experience from the start of the postgraduate programme leading to the award of a PhD and 1 September 2018 with, normally, a minimum of two years’ postdoctoral experience.