Lunchtime Talks 2010 and prior


7 Dec 2010
Maite Beltran
A quest for disks in young O-type stars
2 Dec 2010
Pasquale Galianni
Dark Matter in galaxies (Dark Matter Awarness Week)
1 Dec 2010
Xufen Wu
23 Nov 2010
Kenny Wood
16 Nov 2010
Dalia Chakrabarty
2 Nov 2010
Duncan Forgan
Angular Momentum Transport in Self-Gravitating Protostellar Discs
25 Oct 2010
Luca Fossati
HST observations of the transiting exoplanet WASP-12b: deepening into a complex system
19 Oct 2010
Grant Miller/ Colin Johnstone
2nd year talks
14 Oct 2010
Mike Falarski
The Las Cumbres Global Telescope Network
12 Oct 2010
Lee Kelvin/ Paul Browne
2nd year talks
5 Oct 2010
Aaron Robotham + All
Introduction to the Astronomy Group
13 Jul 2010
Mark Clampin
Exoplanet Science with JWST
15 Jun 2010
Aline Vidotto
Radio emission from close-in giant planets around young stars ;
8 Jun 2010
Chris Conselice
A Near Infrared view of Massive Galaxy Formation at z > 1
1 Jun 2010
Phillippe Delorme
Stellar rotation in the Hyades and Praesepe: gyrochronology and braking timescale
26 May 2010
Dave Clements
Latest results from Herschel
18 May 2010
Muhammad Yusaf
MOND and TeVeS Modified Gravity: Testing the Theories
11 May 2010
Ian Bonnell
Star formation in spiral arms and feedback from supernovae
27 Apr 2010
Arnaud Cassan
Probing the atmosphere of Bulge stars through gravitational microlensing
20 Apr 2010
Simon Driver
The GAMA Survey and the Cosmic Spectral Energy Distribution
7 Apr 2010
Ettore Pedretti
The longest eclipse imaged is 2000 light-years away
6 Apr 2010
Morag Scrimgeour
Simulating the Baryonic Tully-Fisher Relation
30 Mar 2010
Carsten Weidner
Top-heavy IMFs in starbursts
16 Mar 2010
Jane Greaves
Is theory sexier than observation? – the case of HL Tau
2 Mar 2010
Lee Kelvin
The GAMA Structural Decomposition Pipeline
16 Feb 2010
Marina Vika
The near-IR supermassive black hole mass-spheroid luminosity correlation
9 Feb 2010
Dan Bramich
DanDIA : Difference imaging with a numerical kernel – Results and future developments
19 Jan 2010
Steve Wilkins
Studies of the High-z Universe with WFC3 / Extragalactic Constraints on the IMF


1 Dec 2009
Tom Lloyd Evans
Post-AGB Stars: The binary/disc/pulsation connection
26 Nov 2009
Colin Johnstone
The morphology of flares in the ONC
19 Nov 2009
Jim Dale
Ionization Feedback: Blowing Bubbles and Triggering Star Formation
16 Nov 2009
Rowan Smith
The simultaneous formation of massive stars and stellar clusters
3 Nov 2009
Grant Miller
The Doppler Shadow of WASP-3b
29 Oct 2009
Stephanie Bush
Exploring Outer Disk Star Formation with SPH Simulations
20 Oct 2009
Martin Feix
The straight arc of A2390 in TeVeS-like theories of gravity
13 Oct 2009
Subhanjoy Mohanty
Disk Accretion in Young Stars and Brown Dwarfs with Multipole Magnetic Fields
6 Oct 2009
David Hill
22 Sep 2009
Becky Enoch
SuperWASP: Latest Results
8 Sep 2009
Misty Bentz
New Reverberation Mapping Results from the Lick AGN Monitoring Project
18 Aug 2009
Remco de Kok
Clouds and Haze in the stratosphere of Titan
14 Jul 2009
John Young / Laura Churcher
Prospects for model-independent mas-scale imaging with the Magdalena Ridge Observatory Interferometer / Modelling Resolved Images of Debris Disks
30 Jun 2009
Soeren Witte
18 Jun 2009
Rosie Wyse
Baryons and Dark Matter in Dwarf Spheroidal Galaxies
2 Jun 2009 Alison Craigon (Strathclyde)
Consequences of a precessing YSO in bright-rimmed cloud B35A
26 May 2009
Quentin Parker
Perspectives on Macquarie University astronomical research and prospects for collaboration and student co-supervision
19 May 2009
Paul Clarke & Robi Banerjee (Heidelberg)
IMF and Metallicity // Formation of Molecular Clouds
18 May 2009
Rosie Wyse (CANCELLED)
Baryons and Dark Matter in Dwarf Spheroidal Galaxies
12 May 2009
Alicia Aarnio (Vanderbilt)
A Search for Star-Disk Interaction Among the Strongest X-ray Flaring Stars in the Orion Nebula Cluster
7 May 2009
Deb Shepherd (NRAO)
ALMA, eVLA and SKA – the next generation of world-class radio telescopes
28 Apr 2009
Katy Lancaster (Bristol)
First results from two new SZ experiments: OCRA and AMiBA
21 Apr 2009
Alison Craigon (Strathclyde)
14 Apr 2009
Aleks Scholz
Observations of planemos: Exploring the bottom of the IMF
7 Apr 2009
No seminar
31 Mar 2009
No seminar
24 Mar 2009
Beate Stelzer
X-ray emission from FUOr-objects and pre-main sequence jets: the case of ZCMa
17 Mar 2009
Alan Penny
It was right in front of me
12 Mar 2009
Vivianne Wild (Paris)
Galaxy Populations at low and high redshift
3 Mar 2009
Chris Sheehan
Debris Discs Around Thick Disc Stars
24 Feb 2009
Jim Dale
Feedback from massive stars and triggered star formation
17 Feb 2009
Andrew Collier-Cameron
When worlds collide (with their host stars)
10 Feb 2009
Aaron Robotham
Galaxy Groups and Clusters: The Shape of Things
3 Feb 2009
Chris Sheehan
29 Jan 2009
Philippe Delorme
Looking for cool brown dwarfs in wide field surveys
27 Jan 2009
SUPA students
Contemporary Astrophysics Talks
13 Jan 2009
Rowan Smith
A Multitude of Clumps: Tracing the Earliest Fragmentation in Molecular Clouds to Stars


9 Dec 2008
Markus Hundertmark (Georg-August-Universitat)
Detecting debris disks via gravitational microlensing
11 Dec 2008
Ettore Pedretti
Detection of non–radial pulsation and/or faint companion in the symbiotic star CH Cyg
2 Dec 2008
Nick Cross (Edinburgh)
Opening up the time domain: how to find variable objects in the WFCAM and VISTA Science Archives
25 Nov 2008
Marina Vika
The MGC: The supermassive black hole mass function via M_bh – L_bulge relation
18 Nov 2008
Becky Enoch
Comparison of Exoplanet Transit Search Algorithms
17 Nov 2008
Christine Chen (STSCI)
A possible icy kuiper belt around HD 181327
11 Nov 2008
David Hill
The MGC-UKIDSS Near-IR luminosity functions
4 Nov 2008
Neil Parley
The SUPERWASP asteroid light curve and phase curve
28 Oct 2008
Ewan Cameron
Exploring the Origin of the Colour-Structure Bimodality via Bulge-Disc Decomposition
21 Oct 2008
Simon Driver
Australian Square Kilometer Array Pathfinder (ASKAP)
14 Oct 2008
Neal J. Evans II (Austin)
Star Formation: From Cores to Disks
7 Oct 2008
Antje Kohnle
Ten interesting ways to enhance your astronomy teaching
30 Sep 2008
23 Sep 2008
16 Sep 2008
Nick (Boulder)
Massive protostellar disks: cluster interactions and binary formation
5 Aug 2008
Duy Cuong Nguyen (Toronto)
17 Jul 2008
Francoise Combes
Some phenomena of galaxy dynamics:problems of the standard model and comparison with MOND
8 Jul 2008
Soeren Witte, (Hamburg)
29 May 2008
Carsten van de Bruck (Sheffield)
Dark energy and new interactions in cosmology (CANCELED)
27 May 2008
Carsten Weidner
The Stellar Initial Mass Function of Galaxies and the Formation of Star-Clusters
20 May 2008
Xufen Wu
Is the LMC on a bound orbit around the Milky Way?
13 May 2008
Dougal Mackey (Edinburgh)
Black holes and core expansion in massive star clusters
8 May 2008
Mark Reid
Measuring the Milky Way
6 May 2008
Michael Albrow (U. of Canterbury, NZ)
New high-resolution spectral models for globular clusters
29 Apr 2008
Moira Jardine
22 Apr 2008
Ben Metcalf
Pre-Galactic HI, Gravitational Lensing and Cosmology
15 Apr 2008
Richard Massey
Viewing dark matter with weak gravitational lensing from HST
7 Apr 2008
Spring Break
1 Apr 2008
Spring Break
25 Mar 2008
Simon Driver
Luminous Matter and Luminous Energy
18 Mar 2008
Dougal Mackey (Edinburgh)
Black holes and core expansion in massive star clusters
14 Mar 2008
Victor Debattista (Central Lancashire)
Galaxy Formation
11 Mar 2008
Peter Woitke (Edinburgh)
Bulging Disks
4 Mar 2008
Leslie Hebb
Masses and Radii of low-mass stars at the bottom of the main sequence
26 Feb 2008
Alexis Smith
19 Feb 2008
Felicitas Mokler (MPE Garching)
Charge-triggered dust growth in protoplanetary disks
12 Feb 2008
Dieter Poelman
Emission characteristics of water in the Universe
5 Feb 2008
Noe Kains
OB07472: gravitational microlensing by a super-Jupiter and its host star
29 Jan 2008
Nathalie Thureau
Discovery of the circumstellar environment of CI Cam with long baseline interferometry
22 Jan 2008
Martin Feix
Gravitational lensing by inter-cluster filaments in MOND/TeVeS
15 Jan 2008
Rowan Smith
Clumpy structure in molecular clouds: so what is a clump and why do we care?
8 Jan 2008
Colin Snodgrass (ESO)
Comet photometry


18 Dec 2007
Aleks Scholz
Formation and Evolution of Brown Dwarfs
11 Dec 2007
HongSheng Zhao
Dark Matter and Dark Energy: Puzzles and an Alternative Solution
4 Dec 2007
Kenny Wood
Tiny Dust Grains and Molecules in the Interstellar Medium: Signposts of Massive Star Formation and their Influence on Determining Stellar Properties
27 Nov 2007
20 Nov 2007
Nick Dunstone
The surface magnetic fields and differential rotation of the pre-main sequence binary system HD155555
19 Jun 2007
Christiane Helling
Heavy Weather: Cloud formation in brown dwarfs and giant planets
12 Jun 2007
Dave Clements
The Herschel space telescope
5 Jun 2007
Xiaojun Bi
The Nature of Dark Matter: a particle physicist’s perspective
29 May 2007
Katharine Johnston
Massive Star Formation – Protostars on the Main-Sequence (?!)
1 May 2007
Xufen Wu
MOND in the Milky Way and NGC1560
26 Apr 2007
Dijana Dominis
The role of binary stars in searches for extrasolar planets by microlensing and astrometry
24 Apr 2007
Jonathan Irwin (Cambridge)
The Monitor project: eclipsing binaries and rotation in young clusters
11 Apr 2007
Luigi Gallo
X-ray observations of Narrow Line Seyfert I galaxies
10 Apr 2007
Rony Keppens
Relativistic MHD simulations of AGN jets
9 Apr 2007
Keith Horne
Conformal Gravity, Higgs Dynamics, and Dark Matter
3 Apr 2007
Jane Greaves
Planet formation in action around HL Tau?
27 Mar 2007
Ettore Pedretti
Long-baseline stellar interferometry: working on the fringe
20 Mar 2007
Ewan Cameron
Galaxy evolution in the Hubble Ultra Deep Field
13 Mar 2007
Scott Gregory
Why are accreting T Tauri stars less luminous in X-rays than non-accretors?
8 Mar 2007
Alan Penny
All-sky imaging from the space telescopes SMEI and STEREO. And observing the lunar eclipse at St. Andrews
6 Mar 2007
Thomas Robitaille
Interpreting spectral energy distributions from young stellar objects
27 Feb 2007
HongSheng Zhao
Escape from MOND
20 Feb 2007
Nancy Brickhouse
High energy plasma spectroscopy of accreting systems
19 Feb 2007
Andy Szentgyorgyi
Searching for new earths
13 Feb 2007
Eric Stempels
Properties of T-Tauri stars


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