Lunchtime Talks 2012


18 Dec 2012
Stuart Littlefair (Sheffield)
Variability of ultra cool dwarfs
17 Dec 2012
Natalia Vale Asari (Cambridge)
Mapping the unseen: Spatially resolved dust properties in CALIFA galaxies
11 Dec 2012
Nathan Bourne (Nottingham)
Evolution of Dust in Optically Selected Galaxies over 4 billion Years
7 Dec 2012
Andrew Cameron
Winds, Tides and the Migration of Hot Jupiters
27 Nov 2012
Claire Davies
The role of circumstellar disks in stellar angular momentum evolution
20 Nov 2012
Subhanjoy Mohanty (Imperial)
Dead, Undead and Zombie Zones in Protostellar Disks: Can the MRI Survive?
6 Nov 2012
Petr Heinzel
Solar and Stellar Flares: Observations, Modeling and Synergies
30 Oct 2012
Yusei Koyama (Durham)
Tracing back the star formation history of galaxies in galaxy cluster environment with Subaru
9 Oct 2012
Duncan Mackay (Solar Group – St Andrews)
Non-Linear Force-Free Models of the Suns Magnetic Field
2 Oct 2012
Catherine Walsh (Queens University Belfast)
Molecules as a probe of the physics and chemistry of star and planet formation
25 Sep 2012
Paul Rimmer
Cosmic rays and Chemistry: From the Interstellar Medium to Extrasolar Planets
18 Sep 2012
Jelte Harnmeijer
Squeezing Blood from a Stone: environmental constraints on Earths earliest biosphere from the geological record
4 Sep 2012
Anders Sivle
Interpretation and use of online weather forecasts
7 Aug 2012
Claire Davies
The Role of Circumstellar Disks in Stellar Angular Momentum Evolution
31 Jul 2012
Stephen Curran (University of Sydney)
Complete ionisation of the neutral gas: why there are so few detections of 21-cm hydrogen in high redshift radio galaxies and quasars
26 Jun 2012
Michiel Min (University of Amsterdam)
A colorful approach to protoplanetary dust
19 Jun 2012
Shenghua Yu (Armagh)
Magnetospheric electrodynamics in ultracool dwarfs
29 May 2012
Lee Kelvin
Structure, Morphology and Mass in GAMA Galaxies
22 May 2012
Leslie Hebb (Vanderbilt University)
Towards understanding the effect of magnetic fields on the global properties of low mass stars: Coincident time series photometry and spectropolarimetry of the M dwarf eclipsing binary, YY Gem
15 May 2012
Fraser Watson
Sunspot Properties in Solar Cycle 23
3 May 2012
Luis Filipe Alves Teodoro
Improved Spatial Resolution of Martian Water Ice maps
25 Apr 2012
Carsten Weidner
Explaining the systematic variation of the stellar initial mass function in early-type galaxies
24 Apr 2012
Joan Centrella
Merging Black Holes
17 Apr 2012
Clare Parnell (Solar Group – St Andrews)
The distribution of magnetic features on the Suns surface and the consequences for the solar dynamo
10 Apr 2012
Pasquale Galianni (St Andrews)
Testing modified gravity in the Solar System
13 Mar 2012
Thomas Neukirch (Solar Group – St Andrews)
Collapsing Magnetic Traps and Solar Flare Particle Acceleration
6 Mar 2012
Jane Graeves
Submillimetre Surveys of Debris Discs
6 Mar 2012
Raphaëlle Haywood
Measuring the Suns radial velocity jitter
21 Feb 2012
Jeremy Barber (St Andrews)
Stirring N-body systems: Universality in end states
16 Feb 2012
Sean Matt
Angular Momentum Loss by Stellar Winds
14 Feb 2012
Vivienne Wild (St Andrews)
Why is one galaxy forming stars and spiral in morphology, when its neighbour is elliptical, red and dead?
7 Feb 2012
Jack O’Malley-James (St Andrews)
Diverse Microbial Life on Earth: What can this tell us about exoplanet habitability?
2 Feb 2012
Isabelle Boisse
Stellar Variability: Impact on the detection and characterization of exoplanets
31 Jan 2012
Andras Zsom
Sedimentation driven coagulation of dust particles in the protoplanetary disk & A microphysical cloud model for Earth-like exoplanets
17 Jan 2012
Violeta Gonzalez-Perez
Massive and red galaxies at z>1


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