Lunchtime Talks 2013


10 Dec 2013
Ken Rice (University of Edinburgh)
The role of disc self-gravity in the formation of stars and planets
3 Dec 2013
Kamil Danek (Charles University, Prague)
Critical curves and caustics of triple gravitational microlenses
26 Nov 2013
Anne-Marie Weijmans
The lives of early-type galaxies: clues from integral-field spectroscopy
19 Nov 2013
Giuseppe DAgo (University of Salerno)
Finding extrasolar planets in binary and triple lens systems
12 Nov 2013
Adriana de Lorenzo-Caceres Rodriguez
Yes, there are galaxies with two bars! So what?
7 Nov 2013
Simon Driver
Galaxy And Mass Assembly (GAMA): 200,000 redshifts later
5 Nov 2013
Ian Morrison (University of New South Wales)
Wideband radio SETI searches
29 Oct 2013
Kate Rowlands
Properties of dusty massive galaxies at low and high redshifts
22 Oct 2013
Everyone in astronomy
40 seconds and one slide per person
18 Oct 2013
Alex Hill (CSIRO)
Turbulent, magnetized, ionized gas in the Galaxy
15 Oct 2013
Aleks Scholz
The James Gregory telescope: the next 50 years
11 Oct 2013
Kelsey Johnson (University of Virginia)
Using a billion dollar observatory for a cosmic scavenger hunt: the discovery of an extreme molecular super star cluster precursor with ALMA
8 Oct 2013
Rebecca Lange (University of Western Australia)
The growth of galaxies and the mass-size relation
1 Oct 2013
Diego Falceta-Goncalves
Interstellar MHD turbulence
26 Sep 2013
CANCELLED Thomas Maschberger (IPAG [Grenoble])
The relation of accretion rates and the initial mass function
24 Sep 2013
Carolin Villforth
Triggering active galactic nuclei: do mergers matter?
17 Sep 2013
Mehmet Alpaslan
Filaments and large scale structure in the Galaxy and Mass Assembly survey
27 Aug 2013
Christiane Helling
Clouds from everywhere: in brown dwarfs, in planets, and in the gap
13 Aug 2013
Victor See
On the effects of stellar winds on exoplanetary magnetospheres
5 Aug 2013
Niall Deacon (MPIA, Heidelberg)
A substellar safari with Pan-STARRS1
31 Jul 2013
Daniel Kitzmann (Technische Universität Berlin)
Clouds in the atmospheres of terrestrial extrasolar planets: Climatic effects and planetary spectra
23 Jul 2013
Joanna Barnes
Photoionisation of the Diffuse Ionised Gas in an MHD Supernova-Driven Turbulent Interstellar Medium
9 Jul 2013
Satoko Sorahana (Japan Aerospace Exploration Agency)
New Aspect of Brown Dwarf Atmospheres Revealed with AKARI
20 Jun 2013
Robert Massey (RAS)
Advancing astronomy: the RAS commitment to public engagement
11 Jun 2013
Sanchayeeta Borthakur
Influence of Starburst on the Circumgalactic Medium of Galaxies
6 Jun 2013
Christine Liebig
Galactic Bulge microlensing events as observed from the Rosetta spacecraft
4 Jun 2013
Gaitee Hussain (ESO)
30 May 2013
Pamela Klaassen (Leiden Observatory)
Ionised and Molecular Gas Dynamics in High-Mass Star Forming Regions
28 May 2013
Laura Rigon
Dust Growth in Protoplanetary Disks
23 May 2013
Nuccio Lanza (INAF – Astrophysical Observatory of Catania, Italy)
Hot Jupiters and Star-Planet Magnetic Interaction
14 May 2013
Alan Penny
What to do if you find ET – SETI and the discovery of Pulsars
7 May 2013
David Brown
Stellar ages for exoplanet hosts
30 Apr 2013
O. Ivy Wong
Understanding the evolving galaxies in the Local Universe
23 Apr 2013
Martin Dominik
Exploring the population of cold planets down to Lunar mass by microlensing without a space mission
16 Apr 2013
Nathalie Thureau
Herschel DEBRIS survey of debris discs around A stars
2 Apr 2013
Raphie Haywood
The CoRoT-7 planetary system
26 Mar 2013
Vivienne Wild
Planck Summary
19 Mar 2013
Richard Jackson (Keele)
Observing the effects of rotation and magnetic activity on low mass stars
5 Mar 2013
Jairo Mendez Abreu (Canarias)
The effects of environment in bar formation
26 Feb 2013
Sarah Casewell (Leicester)
Brown dwarfs with irradiated atmospheres
19 Feb 2013
Jose Groh (Geneva)
The surprising look of massive stars before death
12 Feb 2013
Nicky Agius (UCLan)
A Dyson s Dream – Dusty Early-Type Galaxies
5 Feb 2013
Jon Dawes (U. of Bath)
Localised pattern formation in magnetoconvection


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