Lunchtime Talks 2015


15 Dec 2015
Scott Gregory (St Andrews)
Do intermediate mass pre-main sequence stars lose their coronae?
8 Dec 2015
Alfonso Aragon-Salamanca (Nottingham)
Transforming Spirals into S0s
1 Dec 2015
Nick Boardman (St Andrews)
The outer halos of early-type galaxies with the Mitchell Integral-field Spectrograph
24 Nov 2015
Lisa Lehmann (St Andrews)
Do we get the runaround from star spots? Modelling azimuthal magnetic field bands on cool stars using a simple model
17th Nov 2015
Christine Koepferl (St Andrews Unversity)
Global Star-formation Properties Extracted from Synthetic Star-forming Regions
11 Nov 2015
Daniel Mortlock (Imperial College London)
Bayesian model comparison in Astronomy and Cosmology
3 Nov 2015
Rowan Smith (Manchester)
Clouds, Filaments, and Massive Stars
27 Oct 2015
Victor See (St Andrews University)
“Large” sample studies of stellar magnetism
20 Oct 2015
Alistair Hodson (St Andrews University)
Exploring Extended Modified Newtonian Dynamics in Galaxy Clusters
13 Oct 2015
Omar Almaini (Nottingham University)
Quenching galaxies in the distant Universe
6 Oct 2015
Simon Driver (St Andrews University)
GAMA and WAVES: the evolution of mass, energy, and structure
29 Sep 2015
Ron Hilditch (St Andrews University)
75 years of observational astronomy at the University Observatory, St Andrews, Scotland
22 Sep 2015
Katelyn Allers (Bucknell University)
Brown Dwarfs as Exoplanet Analogs
15 Sep 2015
Zach Cano (University of Iceland, Reykjavik)
Gamma-ray burst supernovae: From their progenitors to cosmological probes
11 Aug 2015
Trystyn Berg (University of Victoria, Canada)
Metal-rich damped Lyman alpha systems and their context to the Local Group
4 Aug 2015
Thomas Allen (Lowell Observatory)
A multi-wavelength survey of the nearby, large young cluster Cep OB3b
16 Jun 2015
Pamela Klaassen (ATC Edinburgh)
Jets, winds, and outflows – putting the pieces together in two star forming regions
9 Jun 2015
Ian Dobbs-Dixon (New York University, Abu Dhabi)
Models of extrasolar planets and observational diagnostics
2 Jun 2015
(PhD assessment talks)
26 May 2015
Alasdair Leggat, Josh Argyle, Inna Bozhinova
2nd year PhD practise talks
25 May 2015
Alistair Hodson, David Starkey, Romas Smilgys
2nd year PhD practise talks
21 May 2015
CANCELLED Marc-Antoine Miville-Deschenes (IAS, Orsay, France)
The B-modes caught in a net: results from the Planck mission
19 May 2015
Gabriella Hodosan, Graham Lee, Nicholas Boardman
2nd year PhD practise talks
12 May 2015
Bruce Sibthorpe (SRON Netherlands Institute for Space Research)
SPICA: A far-infrared space observatory for the next decade
11 May 2015
Mark Reid (CfA, Harvard University)
Measuring the Milky Way: early results from the BeSSeL survey
5 May 2015
Susana Pedrosa (Institute of Astronomy and Space Physics, Argentina)
Angular momentum evolution for galaxies in a Λ-CDM scenario
28 Apr 2015
Noelia Jiménez Martínez
Why do galaxies care about supernovae type Ia?
21 Apr 2015
Keri Nicoll (University of Reading)
Electrification in planetary atmospheres
14 Apr 2015
Carlos Ferreira Lopes (IfA, University of Edinburgh)
New tools for analysis of variables in wide field surveys of the Milky Way
10 Apr 2015
Andreas Skielboe (University of Copenhagen)
Constraints on the broad line region from regularised linear inversion: velocity-delay maps for five nearby active galactic nuclei
7 Apr 2015
Annelies Mortier
Spectroscopy in exoplanet research
31 Mar 2015
Indranil Banik
A tale of two galaxies: modified gravity in plane sight?
24 Mar 2015
Kenny Wood
Explaining multi-wavelength photometric variability in young stellar objects: dipper stars
17 Mar 2015
Gary Ferland (University of Kentucky)
The Orion star-forming region: implications for the obscuring torus in AGN
10 Mar 2015
Duncan Forgan
Things that I work on
3 Mar 2015
Eric Lopez (IfA, University of Edinburgh)
The evolution and compositions of Keplers sub-Neptunes and super-Earths
24 Feb 2015
Louise Campbell
From space to skin
17 Feb 2015
Hanna Herbst (University of Florida)
Dust-reddened quasars in SDSS-III and HST observations of FeLoBAL quasars: Are red quasars younger than blue quasars?
10 Feb 2015
Milena Pawlik
Merger, starburst, post-merger, post-starburst… red-sequence?
6 Feb 2015
Stefano Valenti (LCOGT)
Supernovae in the era of wide-field surveys
3 Feb 2015
Deepak Mahtani (Keele University)
Semi-synthetic secondary eclipse lightcurves of hot Jupiter exoplanets
27 Jan 2015
(Lunch time legends meeting)
22 Jan 2015
Turlough Downes (Dublin City University)
Global multifluid MHD simulations of the magnetorotational instability in protoplanetary disks
20 Jan 2015
Gabriella Hodosán
Detecting lightning signatures on extrasolar planets and brown dwarfs
13 Jan 2015
Stephen Curran (Victoria University of Wellington)
The star forming reservoir in the distant universe


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