Lunchtime Talks 2016


13 Dec 2016
Paul Elliott (York University, Toronto)
Studying multiplicity in the young, nearby moving groups
6 Dec 2016
Victor Debattista (University of Central Lancashire)
Separation of Stellar Populations by an Evolving Bar: Implications for the Bulge of the Milky Way
29 Nov 2016
Bert Vandenbroucke (St Andrews)
The formation and evolution of dwarf galaxies
22 Nov 2016
Keith Horne (St Andrews)
Echo mapping of Black Hole Accretion Flows
15 Nov 2016
Hongsheng Zhao (St Andrews)
Superfluid and other models for Dark Matter
1 Nov 2016
David Starkey (St Andrews)
Wiggles and dots: Resolving unresolvable accretion disks in Active Galactic Nuclei
25 Oct 2016
William Lucas (St Andrews)
How does early stellar feedback alter the impact of later supernovae?
18 Oct 2016
Gabriella Hodosán (St Andrews)
Radio emission of lightning on exoplanets and brown dwarfs: the case study of HAT-P-11b
11 Oct 2016
Indranil Banik (St Andrews)
The Modified Gravity alternative to Dark Matter in Galaxies
4 Oct 2016
Cristina Ramos-Almeida (Instituto de Astrofisica de Canarias)
Are luminous AGN triggered by galaxy interactions?
27 Sep 2016
Andrew Cameron (St Andrews)
Tidal sculpting in the hot-Jupiter mass-separation diagram
20 Sep 2016
Edward Cackett (Wayne State University)
X-ray reverberation mapping of supermassive black holes
13 Sep 2016
Duncan Forgan (St Andrews)
A Galactic Club, or Galactic Cliques? Challenging the Zoo Solution to Fermi’s Paradox
23 Aug 2016
Will Robson M. Rocha (Universidade do Vale do Paraiba, Brazil)
Ices in protoplanetary disks: meeting experiments and models
12 Jul 2016
Alejandro Lumbreras-Calle (IAC, Tenerife)
Search, characterisation and modelling of low redshift star-forming galaxies in SHARDS
5 Jul 2016
Crystal Brogan (NRAO)
The Remarkable Protoplanetary Disk HL Tau
23 Jun 2016
Jackie Villadsen (Caltech)
Searching for Extrasolar Coronal Mass Ejections with Radio Spectroscopy
21 Jun 2016
Teresita Suarez Noguez (University College London)
The diversity of outflow patterns around galaxies
14 Jun 2016
Jinyoung Serena Kim (Steward Observatory, University of Arizona)
Nature or Nurture? Probing External Feedback on Young Stars in NGC 1977 and W3
31 May 2016
Daniel B. Thomas (University of Cyprus)
Under Pressure: Constraining extensions of Cold Dark Matter
24 May 2016
Tim Hewlett, Felipe Gerardo Ramon, Kirstin Hay
2nd year PhD practise talks
17 May 2016
Maya Petkova, Layth Tajuldeen, Indranil Banik
2nd year PhD practise talks
10 May 2016
Romas Smilgys (St Andrews)
Formation of stellar clusters in Galactic flows
3 May 2016
Jairo Mendez-Abreu (St Andrews)
The merger origin of field S0 galaxies decoded through integral field spectroscopy
26 Apr 2016
Yamila Miguel (Observatoire de la Côte d’Azur)
From Planet Formation to Characterization: Linking our Solar System to Exoplanets
19 Apr 2016
Alastair Bruce (Edinburgh)
Clouds? Where we are going we will not see clouds.
12 Apr 2016
Duncan Forgan (St Andrews)
Structure and Chemistry in Smoothed Particle Hydrodynamics Simulations
5 Apr 2016
Aurora Sicilia-Aguilar (St Andrews)
The disk, the cluster, the star: Protoplanetary disks in their context
29 Mar 2016
Kate Rowlands (St Andrews University)
Caught in the act: charting galaxy transformation over cosmic time
24 Mar 2016
Katja Poppenhaeger (Belfast)
Understanding exoplanets and their stellar environment
8 Mar 2016
Sergey Yurchenko (University College London)
ExoMol project: Molecular line lists for exoplanet and other hot atmospheres
1 Mar 2016
Aleks Scholz (St Andrews)
Stellar and substellar rotation: The known unknowns
23 Feb 2016
Tim Fitzpatrick (local artist)
Where fields collide: the Shine project and an artist’s navigation through science
16 Feb 2016
Sarah Rugheimer (St Andrews Geophysics)
Hues of Habitability: Characterizing Pale Blue Dots Around Other Stars
9 Feb 2016
Indranil Banik (St Andrews University)
Anomalous Motions in the Local Group: Evidence of a Past Milky Way–Andromeda Flyby?
2 Feb 2016
Joe Llama (St Andrews)
The harsh environments surrounding exoplanets
26 Jan 2016
Giovanni Di Pierro (University of Milan)
Gaps and spirals in protoplanetary discs


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