Lunchtime Talks 2020


Tuesday, 1-2 pm, room 222, Physics & Astronomy, North Haugh


15 Dec 2020
Rebecca Nealon (University of Leicester)
Misalignments and shadows in protoplanetary discs
08 Dec 2020
David Stark (University of Haverford)
Tracing the physics of the neutral and ionized ISM with the HI-MaNGA survey
01 Dec 2020
Mariana Cano Diaz (Universidad Nacional Autonóma de México- UNAM)
Spatially resolved star formation in galaxies
24 Nov 2020
Subhanjoy Mohanty (Imperial College London)
Habitability of Terrestrial-Mass Planets in the Habitable Zone of M Dwarfs
17 Nov 2020
Rose Waugh (University of St Andrews)
10 Nov 2020
Dominic Samra (University of St Andrews)
Modelling Mineral Snowflakes on Gas-Giant and Ultra-Hot Exoplanets
3 Nov 2020 Journal Club (University of St Andrews)
27 Oct 2020
Victor See (University of Exeter)
What determines the magnetic activity level in low-mass stars?
20 Oct 2020
María Ramirez Tannus (Max-Planck-Institut für Astronomie)
The origin of massive close binaries
13 Oct 2020
Fran Bartolic (University of St Andrews)
Pathways to mapping the surfaces of volcanic exoplanets: an application to Io
6 Oct 2020 AstroJamboree!
29 Sep 2020
Thomas Peterken (University of Nottingham)
Stellar Populations and Galaxy Morphology
22 Sep 2020
Lorenzo Pino (University of Amsterdam)
Observing metals in ultra-hot Jupiter atmospheres: a new tool for exo-planetology
15 Sep 2020 Informal Astrolunch (University of St Andrews)
28 Apr 2020
Matt Kenworthy (University of Leiden)
Looking for the transits of circumplanetary disks
21 Apr 2020
Alexander Scholz (University of St Andrews)
The trouble with time travel, or: how to write a pop-sci bestseller
31 Mar 2020
Justyn Campbell-White (University of Dundee)
Statistical shape analysis and clustering of Galactic H II regions
17 Mar 2020
1st-year PhD talks (University of St Andrews)
Review talks: Harry Chittenden & Ewan Bottomley
10 Mar 2020
Thomas Wilson (University of St Andrews)
6 (simple?) steps to destroy a planet… Or how we discover white dwarf planetary systems and what we can learn about them.
3 Mar 2020 Journal Club (University of St Andrews)
25 Feb 2020
Kenneth Duncan (University of Edinburgh)
A new window on AGN and galaxy evolution with LOFAR and WEAVE
18 Feb 2020
James Wurster (University of St Andrews)
Protostars and discs: Low-mass star formation in a magnetised medium
11 Feb 2020
Vladimir Domcek (University of Amsterdam)
Multi-wavelength studies of supernova remnants
4 Feb 2020
1st-year PhD talks (University of St Andrews)
Review talks: Patrick Barth & Stephanie Campbell
28 Jan 2020
Rick Edelson (University of Maryland)
The Swift intensive AGN accretion disk reverberation mapping survey
21 Jan 2020
Peter McGill (University of Cambridge)
On the prediction of microlensing events
21 Jan 2020
Niall Whiteford (University of Edinburgh)
Directly-imaged atmospheric characterisation with TauREx retrievals
14 Jan 2020
Michael Petersen (University of Edinburgh)
Bespoke N-body experiments in barred galaxy dynamics


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