Lunchtime Talks 2021


Tuesday, 1-2 pm, room 222, Physics & Astronomy, North Haugh


14 Dec 2021 Steven Reider (University of Exeter)
Simulating star cluster formation in spiral galaxies
7 Dec 2021 Enrico Ragusa (Université de Lyon)
The evolution of binary systems in gaseous environments — From protoplanetary systems to compact object binaries
23 Nov 2021 Stephanie Campbell (University of St Andrews)
Being LGBTQ+ in Physics and Astronomy
16 Nov 2021 Alison Young (University of Leicester)
Observing warped protoplanetary discs
9 Nov 2021 Tobias Geron (University of Oxford)
Stronger bars facilitate quenching in star-forming galaxies
2 Nov 2021 Sahl Rowther (University of Warwick)
Gravitational Instabilities in Protoplanetary Discs: A Vanishing Act
19 Oct 2021 Elena Asencio (University of Bonn)
The tidal stability of Fornax cluster dwarf galaxies in Newtonian and Milgromian dynamics
12 Oct 2021 Indranil Banik (University of St Andrews)
Evidence for Milgromian gravity from galactic bars to the Hubble tension
15 Jun 2021 Mariangela Bonavita (University of Edinburgh)
A tale of two suns: unveiling stellar companions of planet host stars
8 Jun 2021 Julia Roquette (University of Exeter)
Does the environment matter? Towards understanding the spin evolution of low mass stars in clusters
25 May 2021 2nd-year PhD talks (University of St Andrews)
Review talks: Stephanie Campbell & Harry Chittenden
18 May 2021 2nd-year PhD talks (University of St Andrews)
Review talks: Patrick Barth & Ewan Bottomley
27 Apr 2021 Liton Majumdar (National Institute of Science Education and Research, NISER)
The Journey of molecules from star-forming regions to exoplanets
20 Apr 2021 Gaitee Hussain (European Space Agency)
Probing the magnetic activity cycle on a young Sun-like star
13 Apr 2021 Donna Rodgers-Lee (Trinity Dublin)
The intensity of energetic particles at the evolving Earth and young exoplanets
6 Apr 2021 Journal Club (University of St Andrews)
16 Mar 2021 Danny Horta Darrington (Liverpool John Moores University)
Unravelling the nature and origin of the Galactic stellar halo with Galactic surveys
9 Mar 2021 Amy Rankine (University of Cambridge)
Connecting quasar winds and jets
2 Mar 2021 Journal Club (University of St Andrews)
23 Feb 2021 1st-year PhD talks (University of St Andrews)
Review talks: Ancy Anna John, Till Kaeufer & Ho-hin Leung
16 Feb 2021 1st-year PhD talks (University of St Andrews)
Review talks: Emma Puranen, Sarah Faller & Marcus Allan
9 Feb 2021 1st-year PhD talks (University of St Andrews)
Review talks: Thorsten Balduin & Marta Ramos
2 Feb 2021 Journal Club (University of St Andrews)
26 Jan 2021 Gwen Williams (University of Hertfordshire)
ALMA observations of a Keplerian circumstellar accretion disc about a proto-O star
19 Jan 2021 Pauline McGinnis (DIAS Dublin)
The magnetic obliquity of accreting T Tauri stars


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