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Tuesday, 1pm to 2 pm, room 222, Physics and Astronomy, North Haugh

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Date Talk
23 July 2024 Indranil Banik (University of St Andrews, in-person)
16 July 2024 Michael Backes (University of Namibia, in-person) – From the darkest observatories to the highest energies – Astronomy in Namibia
9 July 2024 Desika Narayanan (University of Florida, in-person) – A Tour of Cosmic Dust in Galaxies
28 May 2024 James Aird (University of Edinburgh, in-person) – Black hole growth across different galaxy evolution phases
21 May 2024 Vicky Fawcett (University of Newcastle, in-person) – Exploring the connection between radio emission and dust obscuration in quasars
14 May 2024 2nd-year PhD talks (University of St Andrews)
10 May 2024 Michal Bilek (Paris Observatory, LERMA, in-person) – Extragalactic archeology: the origin of the prominent tidal features in the galaxy NGC474
7 May 2024 2nd-year PhD talks (University of St Andrews)
3 May 2024 Scott Hagen (Durham University, in-person) – What Drives the Variability in AGN?
30 April 2024 Marc Buie (Southwest Research Institute, in-person) – Investigating Solar System Origins with Occultations
23 April 2024 Alexia Marie Lopez (University of Central Lancashire, in-person) –

Investigating Ultra-Large Large-Scale Structures: Potential Implications for Cosmology
2 April 2024 Corey Pirie (University of Edinburgh, in-person) – An Unbiased View of the Physical Drivers of Star Formation over cosmic timeCallum Donnan (University of Edinburgh, in-person) – JWST PRIMER: A new multifield determination of the evolving galaxy UV luminosity function at z=9-15
19 March 2024 Maya Petkova (Chalmers University of Technology, remote) – Gas structure and kinematics in the extreme star-forming environment of the Central Molecular Zone
12 March 2024 Atharva Bagul (Durham University, in-person) – Cygnus A Obscuring Torus: Ionic, Molecular or Atomic?
5 March 2024 Katarina Kraljic (Strasbourg University, remote) – Emergence and cosmic evolution of the Kennicutt-Schmidt relation driven by interstellar turbulence
20 February 2024 Harry Desmond (University of Portsmouth, remote) – Four ways of looking at the Radial Acceleration Relation
13 February 2024 Nicholas Boardman (University of St Andrews) – Galaxy gas-phase abundances and their connection to star-formation histories
6 February 2024 Roberta Vieliute (University of St Andrews) – Telescope Calibration and Light Reverberation: Echo Mapping of NGC 3783.
30 January 2024 David Taylor (University of St Andrews) – ALMA CoCCoA observations: a new candidate young high mass binary system
23 January 2024 Indranil Banik (University of St Andrews) – Joint solution to the Hubble and bulk flow tensions using the observed local supervoid and faster structure growth

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