Theory Meeting (Exoplanets, Brown Dwarfs, planet formation and observations)  –  Thursday 1pm room 338

Galaxies Group Meeting  –  Thursday 1pm room 301   (contact Carl Roberts cr214).


Lunchtime Talks


25 Apr 2017 Alistair Hodson (University of St Andrews)
18 Apr 2017 Martin Ward (Durham University)
11 Apr 2017 Emma Gardner (Durham University)
Fri 7 Apr 2017 Nick Dunstone (Met Office)
4 Apr 2017 No lunchtalk
Diverted to Friday
28 Mar 2017 Scott Gregory (University of St Andrews)
Are accreting young stars spun-up as they develop solar-like interiors?
21 Mar 2017 Gerardo Ramon Fox (University of St Andrews)
The Role of Spiral Arm Shocks in Molecular Cloud Formation
14 Mar 2017 Kirstin Hay, Gabriella Hodosán, Duncan Forgan (University of St Andrews)
Practice talks UKEXOM17
7 Mar 2017 Moira Jardine (University of St Andrews)
Blowing hot and cool: winds across the HR diagram
28 Feb 2017 Eric Keto (Harvard-Smithsonian Center for Astrophysics)
Accretion from low to high-mass in star formation
21 Feb 2017 Paul Hewett (University of Cambridge)
Quasar redshifts, outflows and black-hole masses
14 Feb 2017 Maya Petkova (University of St Andrews)
Cloudy with a chance of starlight
7 Feb 2017
Graham Lee (University of St Andrews)
Modelling Clouds in the Hot Jupiter HD 189733b
31 Jan 2017
Aleks Scholz (University of St Andrews)
Stellar and substellar rotation: The known unknowns
24 Jan 2017
Farzana Meru (University of Cambridge)
The role of self-gravitating discs in planet formation: recent developments from theory and observations


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