Lunchtime Talks

Tuesday,  1-2 pm,  room 222,  Physics & Astronomy,  North Haugh


5 Jun 2018 Gwen Williams (University of St Andrews)
15 May 2018 Ian Bonnell (University of St Andrews)
14 May 2018 (EXTRA TALK) Belinda Wilkes (Harvard–Smithsonian Center for Astrophysics)
Addressing the Missing AGN Problem
24 Apr 2018 David Waltham (Royal Holloway)
Star Masses and Star-Planet Distances for Earth-like Habitability
23 Apr 2018 (EXTRA TALK) Ashley Ross (Ohio State University)
The Status of Observational Constraints on Dark Energy
17 Apr 2018 Andrew Cameron (University of St Andrews)
Why young, doomed hot Jupiters are easier to catch than old ones
10 Apr 2018 Kate Rowlands (John Hopkins University)
Caught in the act: charting galaxy transformation over cosmic time
3 Apr 2018 David Dritschel (University of St Andrews)
Mass dynamics on closed surfaces
27 Mar 2018 Romas Smilgys (University of St Andrews)
From galactic spiral arm to protoplanetary discs
20 Mar 2018 Milena Pawlik (University of St Andrews)
The origins of post-starburst galaxies at low redshifts
13 Mar 2018 No talk
6 Mar 2018 No talk
27 Feb 2018 Rita Tojeiro (University of St Andrews)
Sloan Digital Sky Survey in the classroom
20 Feb 2018 Bert Vandenbroucke (University of St Andrews)
Meshes/no meshes, radiation and tasks: Numerical algorithms for the future of astrophysical simulations
13 Feb 2018 Graeme Candlish (Universidad de Valparaíso)
The consequences of the MOND external field effect for disk galaxies falling into clusters
6 Feb 2018 No talk
30 Jan 2018 Will Rocha (University of St Andrews)
The role of external UV irradiation in the survival of astrophysical ices in Elias 29 protostar


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