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Tuesday, 1pm to 2 pm, room 222, Physics and Astronomy, North Haugh

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Date Talk
14 November 2023 Eva-Maria Mueller (University of Sussex, in-person) – Probing the Large-Scale Structure of the Universe with DESI: Addressing the H0 Tension and Primordial Non-Gaussianities
7 November 2023 Dirk Scholte (University College London, in-person) – Exploring new territory for galaxy scaling relations with the DESI Survey
31 October 2023 Philip Mannheim (University of St Connecticut, in-person) – Imprint of galactic rotation curves and metric fluctuations on the recombination era anisotropy
24 October 2023 Zhen Li(University of Copenhagen, in-person) – Energy extraction from rotating regular black holes
17 October 2023 Ben Snow (University of Exeter, in-person) – Shocks in partially-ionised plasmas
10 October 2023 Marcel Pawlowski (Leibniz Institute for Astrophysics Potsdam, online) – How Systems of Satellite Galaxies Challenge ΛCDM Cosmology
3 October 2023 Subir Sarkar (University of Oxford, online) – A Challenge to the Standard Cosmological Model
26 September 2023 Noel Castro Segura (University of Southhampton, in-person) – Accretion Disc Winds in Low-Mass X-Ray Binary Stars
19 September 2023 Victor See (European Space Research and Technology Centre, online) – The role of metallicity in stellar activity, rotation and exoplanet atmosphere evolution/span>
12 September 2023 Alex Lyttle (University of Birmingham, in-person) – Hierarchically Modelling Many Stars: Improving Inference of Stellar Parameters with Asteroseismology
29 August 2023 Amy Rankine (University of Edinburgh, in-person) – Quasar outflows: A (mostly) UV perspective
15 August 2023 Kate Rowlands (STSCI, in-person) – Tracing quenching processes with post-starburst galaxies throughout cosmic time
25 July 2023 Catherine Fielder (University of Arizona, online; time-change to 4pm) – The Disturbed and Globular Cluster-Rich Ultra-diffuse Galaxy UGC 9050-Dw1
18 July 2023 Crystal Brogan (NRAO) – ALMA Wideband Sensitivity Upgrade (WSU)
11 July 2023 Adam Langeveld (Cornell, online) – Investigating trends in transiting exoplanet atmospheres with high-resolution spectroscopy
4 July 2023 Robin Eappen (Charles University, online) – The formation of early-type galaxies in MOND
23 May 2023 Gemma Busquet Rico (University of Barcelona, online) – Fragmentation and stellar cluster formation
25 April 2023 Cancelled
18 April 2023 Cancelled
11 April 2023 Indranil Banik (University of St Andrews, in-person) – Wide binary stars falsify MOND
4 April 2023 Raphael Errani (University of Strasbourg, in-person) – Constraints on dark matter cores from the tidal evolution of Milky Way satellites
21 March 2023 Cancelled
14 March 2023 Izzy Garland (Lancaster University) – Merger-free co-evolution of black holes and galaxies
7 March 2023 Ruben Sanchez Janssen (UK Astronomy Technology Centre) – ESO’s Extremely Large Telescope: The biggest eye on the sky
14 February 2023 Elena Asencio (University of Bonn) – El Gordo: a massive blow to ΛCDM cosmology
7 February 2023 Shweta Dalal (University of Exeter) – Predicting Convective blueshift of FGK stars
31 January 2023 Daniel Ruschel Dutra (Federal University of Santa Catarina) – AGN and galaxy evolution: clues from observations of the local universe
24 January 2023 1st year PhD talks
17 January 2023 1st year PhD talks
10 January 2023 Aleks Scholz (University of St Andrews) – Exploring rogue planets with JWST

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