Lunchtime Talks 2011


13 Dec 2011
Joe Llama (St Andrews)
Using Kepler transit observations to measure stellar spot belt migration rates
6 Dec 2011
William Lucas (St Andrews)
The formation of massive stars in the parsec around Sagittarius A*
29 Nov 2011
Wayne Holland
SCUBA-2: A 10,000 pixel bolometer camera operating on the James Clerk Maxwell telescope
22 Nov 2011
Markus Hundertmarkt (St Andrews)
Characterising the information content of microlensing light curves
15 Nov 2011
Baojiu Li
Dark Universe Research with High-resolution simulations, Analytical methods and Map-making
8 Nov 2011
Christiane Helling (St Andrews)
LEAP – charge processes in planetary atmospheres
1 Nov 2011
Rim Fares (St Andrews)
Magnetism, activity and magnetospheric interactions in close-in planetary systems
25 Oct 2011
Martin Dominik (St Andrews)
Exploration rather than speculation – Assembling the puzzle of potential life beyond Earth
4 Oct 2011
Andrew Collier Cameron (St Andrews)
Stellar Pulsations Excited by Planetary Tides in WASP-33
27 Sep 2011
Craig Stark
On the surface extraction of electrons in a pulsar
20 Sep 2011
Peter Woitke
DiscAnalysis – a European success story
15 Sep 2011
Stephen Marsden
The origins of Magnetic Dynamos in Young Suns
30 Aug 2011
Sergei Ipatov
Migration of small bodies and dust in the solar system
16 Aug 2011
Sedigheh Sajadian
Optimally using lucky-imaging cameras for inferring microlensing populations statistics below Earth mass
11 Aug 2011
Kelly Denney
Measuring Black Hole Masses in AGNs
4 Aug 2011
Quentin Parker
PN and other remnants
7 Jun 2011
HongSheng Zhao
From Electromagnetism to Gravitation
31 May 2011
Jack O’Malley-James
Life & Light: Exotic Photosynthesis in Binary and Multiple Star Systems
24 May 2011
Neil Parley
Overview of the Qatar Exoplanet Survey (QES)
17 May 2011
Andrew Sheinis
Observationally Constraining the Nature of QSO Host Galaxies and Their Relationship to Merger‚ÄźDriven Galaxy Evolution
6 Apr 2011
Mike McCulloch
Can the Inertia of Highly-Accelerated Particles Be Modified Electromagnetically?
5 Apr 2011
Christine Liebig
Towards a Morphology of Microlensing Light Curves
29 Mar 2011
Pauline Lang
Radio Emission on Low Mass Stars
22 Mar 2011
John MacLachlan
Panchromatic Modeling of Low Surface Brightness Spirals and the Stability of the Cold ISM
15 Mar 2011
Alan Penny
8 Mar 2011
Kresimir Pavlovski
Spectral disentangling of close binary stars in theory and application
4 Mar 2011
Jean-Philippe Bruneton
Relativistic theories of MOND; an introduction to modern theories
2 Mar 2011
Dan Thomas
Beyond Einstein: Cosmological tests of model independent modified gravity
22 Feb 2011
David Brown
Falling planets: tidal interactions in the WASP-18 and WASP-19 systems
15 Feb 2011
Ewan Cameron
On the Estimation of Confidence Intervals for Binomial Population Proportions


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