Lunchtime Talks 2014


16 Dec 2014
Graham Lee
Modelling glittering clouds on HD 189733b: a combined approach of kinetic cloud formation and 3D atmosphere simulations
9 Dec 2014
Tom Ray (Dublin Institute for Advanced Studies)
The James Webb Space Telescope: from exoplanets to the first stars
2 Dec 2014
Will Lucas
Forming a Milky Way-like central molecular zone
25 Nov 2014
Mark Claire (School of Geography and Geosciences)
Detecting life in extrasolar planetary atmospheres
19 Nov 2014
Jonathan Henshaw (Liverpool John Moores University)
The complex kinematics of (massive) star-forming regions
11 Nov 2014
Xavier Dumusque (CfA, Harvard University)
New light on radial-velocity measurements to improve the detection of exoplanets
6 Nov 2014
Grzegorz Kowal (University of Sao Paulo)
Magnetic reconnection in turbulent media and applications
4 Nov 2014
Yuki Tanaka (Nagoya University)
Atmospheric escape by magnetically driven winds from gaseous planets
30 Oct 2014
Jesus Falcon-Barroso (Instituto de Astrofisica de Canarias)
Angular Momentum across the Hubble sequence from the CALIFA survey
21 Oct 2014
David Rosario (MPE)
Star-formation and nuclear activity in galaxies: a perspective in the era of the Herschel Space Telescope
15 Oct 2014
Anthea King (The University of Queensland and University of Copenhagen)
Active galactic nuclei as powerful cosmic probes and the role of OzDES
14 Oct 2014
Lyndsay Old (University of Nottingham)
How well can we measure the masses of galaxy clusters using galaxies as tracers?
7 Oct 2014
Claire Davies
Accretion discs as regulators of stellar angular momentum evolution during the pre-main sequence
30 Sep 2014
Romas Smilgys
Star formation in galactic spiral arm
25 Sep 2014
Martin Stringer (Instituto de Astrofi­sica de Canarias)
Seeking traces of the cosmic expansion in galaxy properties
23 Sep 2014
Irena Vorgul
Cyclotron maser radio emission from stars, planets and dwarfs
16 Sep 2014
Paul Rimmer
Observing extensive air showers on Jupiter
12 Sep 2014
Ian Dobbs-Dixon (New York University, Abu Dhabi)
Atmospheric dynamics and evolution of short period planets
4 Sep 2014
Alejandro Luque (Instituto de Astrofisica de Andalucia, Granada)
Electrical phenomena in the upper atmosphere of Earth and other planets
26 Aug 2014
Sebastian Daemgen (University of Toronto)
Stellar multiplicity and new sub-stellar companions in Taurus
25 Aug 2014
Jake Turner (University of Virginia)
Constraining the magnetic fields and atmospheres of transiting exoplanets through ground-based near-UV photometry
1 Aug 2014
Michael Shull (University of Colorado and IoA, University of Cambridge)
New results from the Cosmic Origins Spectrograph: missing baryons, AGN, and reionization epochs of H and He
23 Jul 2014
Jerry Kriss (STScI)
Fast X-ray and UV outflows from Seyfert galaxies
22 Jul 2014
Mark Hutchison (Swinburne University of Technology)
The dust content in photoevaporative winds
26 Jun 2014
Min Fang (Universidad Autonoma de Madrid)
GW Ori: a unique target for studying protoplanetary disk evolution
24 Jun 2014
Crystal Brogan (NRAO)
The birth of massive star clusters near and far
17 Jun 2014
Claudia Cyganowski
The early stages of massive star formation: first results from the SMA survey of protocluster evolution
12 Jun 2014
Todd Hunter (NRAO)
Subarcsecond imaging of the NGC 6334 I(N) protocluster: two dozen compact sources and a massive disk candidate
11 Jun 2014
Sebastian Sanchez (Universidad Nacional Autonoma de Mexico)
The CALIFA survey: properties of the HII regions
3 Jun 2014
Milena Pawlik, Isabel Maria Rodriguez-Barrera, and Louise Campbell
2nd year PhD practise talks
27 May 2014
Anna Pancoast (UCSB)
XXI century reverberation mapping: inferring black hole mass, geometry and dynamics of the broad line region in active galaxies
20 May 2014
Jo Barnes and Victor See
2nd year PhD practise talks
13 May 2014
Nathan Mayne (University of Exeter)
Modelling the climates of (exo)planets
6 May 2014
Undergraduate project talks
29 Apr 2014
Matthew Bershady (University of Wisconsin)
The dynamical and stellar mass of spiral disks
22 Apr 2014
John Ilee
Tracing the inner regions of circumstellar discs
17 Apr 2014
Raphie Haywood
Measuring precise planetary masses in the presence of stellar activity in RV surveys
15 Apr 2014
Rita Tojeiro
From bright stars to dark energy
8 Apr 2014
David MacTaggart (University of Abertay)
On magnetic reconnection and flux rope formation in emerging active regions
1 Apr 2014
Nichol Cunningham (University of Leeds)
What is driving the outflows in massive star forming regions?
27 Mar 2014
Diana Juncher
Modelling cloudy atmospheres with MARCS
18 Mar 2014
Spring vacation
11 Mar 2014
Aleks Scholz
Young brown dwarfs: testing star and planet formation
4 Mar 2014
Fernando Buitrago (University of Edinburgh)
Stellar haloes of early-type massive galaxies at z~0.7 or how to use the HUDF for local Universe studies
25 Feb 2014
Guillaume Laibe
Dust: in the heart of planet formation
18 Feb 2014
Aurora Sicilia-Aguilar
Herschel views of young clusters: star formation and protoplanetary disks
11 Feb 2014
Sadegh Khochfar (University of Edinburgh)
The infancy of present day massive galaxies
4 Feb 2014
Soko Matsumura (University of Dundee)
Brazil nut effect and its application to asteroids
28 Jan 2014
Donna Rodgers-Lee (Dublin Institute for Advanced Studies)
Protoplanetary disk evolution: from observations to simulations
21 Jan 2014
Bcool stellar magnetism meeting
14 Jan 2014
Karen Meyer (St Andrews, Solar Physics)
Modelling the solar magnetic carpet


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