Lunchtime Talks 2018


Tuesday, 1-2 pm, room 222, Physics & Astronomy, North Haugh


11 Dec 2018
Rebeca García López (Dublin Institute for Advanced Studies)
The inner astronomical units of protoplanetary disks: outflows and angular momentum transport
4 Dec 2018
Yan-Chuan Cai (University of Edinburgh)
Cosmology with the cosmic web
27 Nov 2018
Rebecca Bowler (University of Oxford)
Bright star-forming galaxies at z > 6
20 Nov 2018
Uffe Gråe Jørgensen (Niels Bohr Institute)
Is our solar system unique? – Is that why we are here?
13 Nov 2018
Duncan Forgan (University of St Andrews)
A Game-Theoretic Approach to Planetesimal Growth
6 Nov 2018
Christiane Helling (University of St Andrews)
Sparkling nights and fuming days on the giant gas planet WASP-18b
30 Oct 2018
Richard White (University of St Andrews)
Thermodynamic Modelling of Planetary Interiors
23 Oct 2018
Alessio Caratti o Garatti (Dublin Institute for Advanced Studies)
Disk-mediated accretion bursts in high-mass young stellar objects (HMYSOs)
16 Oct 2018
Paula Teixeira (University of St Andrews)
Dissecting the anatomy of the protostellar outflow NGC2264G
9 Oct 2018
Adam Carnall (Royal Observatory Edinburgh)
Inferring the star-formation histories of massive quiescent galaxies with BAGPIPES
2 Oct 2018 No talk
25 Sep 2018
Lisa Lehmann (University of St Andrews)
Do we get the runaround from star spots? Exploring the magnetic field of solar-like stars
18 Sep 2018
Floor Broekgaarden (Anton Pannekoek Instituut)
Simulating rare events from astrophysical populations with application to BH-NS mergers as gravitational-wave sources
11 Sep 2018
David Starkey (University of St Andrews)
Quasar variability with the Sloan Digital Sky Survey
4 Sep 2018
Irena Vorgul (University of St Andrews) – Murray Whyte (Cormack summer student)
Modelling a radio transit: Frequency modulation of cyclotron emission from the host star
10 Jul 2018
Thea Kozakis (Cornell University)
Atmospheres and UV Environments of Earth-like Planets in the Habitable Zones of evolved stars: White Dwarfs
3 Jul 2018
Indranil Banik (University of St Andrews)
Testing gravity with wide binary stars in the GAIA era
26 Jun 2018
Mark Marley (NASA Ames Research Center)
The Promise of Exoplanet Direct Imaging with Next Generation Space Telescopes
19 Jun 2018
Nina Sartorio (Instituto Nacional de Pesquisas Espaciais)
Turbulence in the ISM: seeing the effect of photoionization
12 Jun 2018
Christophe Pichon (Institut d’Astrophysique de Paris)
Connecting Large Scale Structures to Galaxy morphology
5 Jun 2018
Gwen Williams (University of St Andrews)
The evolution of the SDC13 infrared dark cloud
29 May 2018
Meng Yang – Nicole Schanche (University of St Andrews)
Schwarzschild Modelling with cold gas constraints – Planet Candidate Detection and Ranking using Machine Learning
22 May 2018
Kristin Lund – Chris Duckworth (University of St Andrews)
The formation of close high-mass binary stars – Halo assembly and the impact on galaxies
15 May 2018 No talk
14 May 2018
(EXTRA TALK) Belinda Wilkes (Harvard–Smithsonian Center for Astrophysics)
Addressing the Missing AGN Problem
8 May 2018
Peter Woitke (University of St Andrews)
Modelling equilibrium chemistry
1 May 2018 No talk
24 Apr 2018
David Waltham (Royal Holloway)
Star Masses and Star-Planet Distances for Earth-like Habitability
23 Apr 2018
(EXTRA TALK) Ashley Ross (Ohio State University)
The Status of Observational Constraints on Dark Energy
17 Apr 2018
Andrew Cameron (University of St Andrews)
Why young, doomed hot Jupiters are easier to catch than old ones
10 Apr 2018
Kate Rowlands (John Hopkins University)
Caught in the act: charting galaxy transformation over cosmic time
3 Apr 2018
David Dritschel (University of St Andrews)
Mass dynamics on closed surfaces
27 Mar 2018
Romas Smilgys (University of St Andrews)
From galactic spiral arm to protoplanetary discs
20 Mar 2018
Milena Pawlik (University of St Andrews)
The origins of post-starburst galaxies at low redshifts
13 Mar 2018 No talk
6 Mar 2018 No talk
27 Feb 2018
Rita Tojeiro (University of St Andrews)
Sloan Digital Sky Survey in the classroom
20 Feb 2018
Bert Vandenbroucke (University of St Andrews)
Meshes/no meshes, radiation and tasks: Numerical algorithms for the future of astrophysical simulations
13 Feb 2018
Graeme Candlish (Universidad de Valparaíso)
The consequences of the MOND external field effect for disk galaxies falling into clusters
6 Feb 2018 No talk
30 Jan 2018
Will Rocha (University of St Andrews)
The role of external UV irradiation in the survival of astrophysical ices in Elias 29 protostar


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