Lunchtime Talks 2019


Tuesday, 1-2 pm, room 222, Physics & Astronomy, North Haugh


17 Dec 2019
Vivienne Wild (University of St Andrews)
The intriguing life of post-starburst galaxies
10 Dec 2019
Aurora Sicília-Aguilar (University of Dundee)
Reading between the lines: How time- and velocity-resolved data can help us to map the tiniest scales in young forming stars
3 Dec 2019
Karen Kinemuci (Apache Point Observatory)
RR Lyrae Variable Stars: An IKEA tool for Astrophysics
26 Nov 2019
Katarina Kraljic (University of Edinburgh)
Galaxy evolution in the metric of the cosmic web
19 Nov 2019
1-2.30pm, Lower College Hall
12 Nov 2019 No talk
6 Nov 2019
Richard Archer (Blue Skies Space Ltd)
Twinkle – a low-Earth orbit visible and infrared exoplanet spectroscopy observatory
5 Nov 2019
Kenneth Wood (University of St Andrews)
Observations and simulations of diffuse ionised gas in galaxies
30 Oct 2019
Carolina Villarreal D’Angelo (Trinity College Dublin)
Stellar wind interaction with the outflowing atmosphere of GJ436b
29 Oct 2019
Keith Horne (University of St Andrews)
Echo Tomography of Black Hole Accretion Flows in Active Galactic Nuclei
15 Oct 2019
Juan Hernández Santisteban (University of St Andrews)
Probing the late evolution of interactive white dwarf binaries
8 Oct 2019 No talk
1 Oct 2019
Graham Lee (University of Oxford)
Updates in modelling exoplanet atmospheres in 3-D
24 Sep 2019
Paul Rimmer (University of Cambridge)
Impacts and Habitability on Exoplanets
17 Sep 2019
Zhen Guo (University of Hertfordshire)
NIR Spectroscopic variability of eruptive young stellar objects (YSOs) from the VVV survey
10 Sep 2019
Tim Fitzpatrick (local artist)
The expanding world of Shine
3 Sep 2019
Juan Echevarría (UNAM)
New Observations of DW Cnc: where is the 33 min signal?
11 Jun 2019
Douglas Scott (University of British Columbia)
Is the Universe lop-sided?
4 Jun 2019
Can Evirgen (Newcastle University)
Magnetic effects on the structure of the interstellar medium
28 May 2019
PhD practice talks: Fran Bartolić – Tatiana Pavlidou
Bayesian modeling of gravitational microlensing events – Star Formation in the Perseus Cloud using Gaia DR2
21 May 2019
PhD practice talks: Yirui Zheng – James Hitchcock
Comparison of stellar populations of simulated and real post-starburst galaxies in ManNGA – MiNDSTEp 2019: Microlensing, Brown Dwarf Binaries and CMOS Image Sensors
16 May 2019
Matthieu Schaller (Universiteit Leiden)
Baryonic effects on next-generation cosmological probes – How will we get the accuracy required?
14 May 2019
Jan Forbrich (University of Hertfordshire)
Radio stars are coming back, and a new look at molecular clouds: star formation science transformed by wideband continuum radio interferometry
7 May 2019 Talk cancelled
30 Apr 2019 No talk
23 Apr 2019 No talk
16 Apr 2019
Isla Barnard (University of St Andrews)
Monte Carlo Radiative Transfer techniques in skin cancer research
9 Apr 2019
John Weaver (University of Copenhagen)
The Next Decade of COSMOS and the Lead-up to The Cosmic Dawn Survey
2 Apr 2019
Peter Woitke (University of St Andrews)
Cloud formation in diffusive atmospheres
26 Mar 2019
Nina Sartorio (Instituto Nacional de Pesquisas Espaciais)
Massive star formation and radiative feedback
19 Mar 2019
Meng Yang (University of St Andrews)
Schwarzschild Modelling with Cold Gas Kinematics: Mapping the Mass Distribution of Early-Type Galaxy NGC 2974
12 Mar 2019
Bert Vandenbroucke (University of St Andrews)
Models of Diffuse Ionised Gas in star-forming galaxies
5 Mar 2019
Brooke Simmons (Lancaster University)
Galaxies, Black Holes, and Citizen Science: The Next Decade
26 Feb 2019
Garreth Martin (University of Hertfordshire)
The low surface brightness Universe with cosmological simulations and deep surveys
19 Feb 2019
1st year PhD students
Review talks: Elliott Fog, Oliver Herbort, Suinan Zhang
12 Feb 2019
Yanmei Chen (Nanjing University)
Properties of kinematically misaligned galaxies and post-starburst galaxies in MaNGA
5 Feb 2019
Natalia Vale Asari (Universidade Federal de Santa Catarina)
Zero waste: making full use of optical spectra from nearby galaxies
29 Jan 2019
David Valls-Gabaud (Observatoire de Paris)
The MESSIER surveyor: lifting the veil on the ultra low surface brightness universe
22 Jan 2019
1st year PhD students
Review talks: Peter Leith, Sam Pearson, Dominic Samra


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